Line Bot

Jump, fly, and shoot your way through obstacles and enemies on 10 challenging levels! Line Bot features simple controls and hours of engaging gameplay that keeps you coming back for more. Fight off tons of hilarious enemies from flying whales to ROFL Copters while jumping and flying your way through deadly spikes and platforms. Work your way to the top of Game Center (iOS)/OpenFeint (Android) leaderboards by taking advantage of a deep scoring system that rewards skillful play.

✔ Simple controls, just tap the left or right side of the screen.
✔ Earn new abilities as you progress through the game.
✔ 10 levels spread across different difficulty levels, from easy to painfully hard.
✔ Engaging bosses based off of popular Internet memes. Try your hand against the Barrel Roller or the LOL Cat!
✔ Deep scoring system encourages pinpoint accuracy and skillful maneuvering.
✔ Earn achievements on Game Center (iOS)/OpenFeint (Android).
✔ Post your high scores on Game Center (iOS)/OpenFeint (Android) to compare your skills against others worldwide.
✔ Invite your Game Center (iOS Only) friends to challenge your high scores!
✔ Stick-like graphics.

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