Domino Dog

Those evil winkin’ cats have stolen Domino Dog’s bone! Crush, flip, roll, slide, and scatter those cats into oblivion across over 70 stages in forests, mountains, snow, and even the moon and space! Domino Dog features several hours of gameplay, challenging physics-driven, momentum-building, cat-crushing action, and tons of replay value with Game Center (iOS)/OpenFeint (Android) leaderboards and achievements. Each stage tests your mind and your aim as you figure out just how to take down those cats down a notch!


✔ Simple hold-aim-release gameplay
✔ Over 70 stages that take place in multiple environments: different obstacles, different gravity, different challenges.
✔ Collect as many stars as you can to prove your skill
✔ Earn achievements on Game Center (iOS)/OpenFeint (Android)
✔ Post your high scores on Game Center (iOS)/OpenFeint (Android) to see how you compare against others around the world!

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