NOOK Tips for Corona Devs

Given the chaos of the last few weeks with imminent arrival of the NOOK HD/HD+, I thought I’d share a few tips and lessons learned.

1. The NOOK team has started rejecting letterboxed apps. If you’re not willing to resize your entire app, you can create an extra large background to make sure the entire screen is covered, or use zoomEven instead of letterbox. Make sure to update your screenshots, the NOOK team is looking for that too.

2. The NOOK team will now reject your apps for using system.openURL to cross promote other apps, or to prompt the user to upgrade from a trial version to paid. That’s because the Corona team recently added APIs native.showPopup(“rateApp”) and native.showPopup(“appStore”) around the same time of the NOOK HD/HD+ announcement.

3. Unfortunately, the APIs added above (rateApp/appStore) caused a crash on the NOOK HD/HD+. It was only recently fixed in daily build 933. Many of my submissions were rejected because of this!

4. If you’re still using OpenFeint, make sure you add release notes to your NOOK submissions pointing out that OpenFeint connection errors are beyond your control. I’ve had a couple rejections because the reviewer got a 405 error when trying to load OpenFeint in an app (OpenFeint was experiencing system issues at the time).

I hope this makes your experience go a bit more smoothly :-)

Have any other recent NOOK tips? Leave them in the comments!

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