The Mail Button.

We’ve begun rolling out a “Mail Button” on the title screen of our games. The hope is that it will allow us to form a better connection with our players by giving them a way to send us comments, suggestions, and bugs without leaving a review and hoping that we see it.

So far, over 50 players have utilized the button (that’s a lot for a small company like us!), and we hope that number will only grow from there.


Google Play. Free.

That’s right. We’ve made all our games on Google Play free to download:

  • Domino Dog Worlds
  • Domino Dog – Daily Challenge
  • Chip Breaker
  • Line Bot
  • Domino Dog (the original)

Plus, in both Domino Dog Worlds and the Daily Challenge, you can now purchase the same power-ups as iOS users!

Let’s get gaming!

Puzzle & Runner Games For All!

We’re still working on the site. Puzzle Runner LLC develops Puzzle & Runner games using Corona SDK for iOS, Android, Nook, and the Amazon AppStore.

8/02/2012: We’ve added some basic information to each of the game pages.
8/05/2012: We’ve added links to the App Store, Google Play, Nook, and Amazon to each of our products.
8/06/2012: Added some icons, re-formatted product pages, added a contact form.